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Andrea Sophia

Oh how much I wanted her! I prayed and prayed and prayed.
I prayed for a daughter just like me. God said “She’ll be custom made!
“I will give you the daughter you asked for, with one tiny little twist..
She’ll be an improved version of you. She will be just what you have wished.
She will be a way for you to learn. She will share with you her world views.
Her value lies in her accepting heart, which is similar to the one in you!
I won’t give you a little “mini-me”, from whom you could not learn! 
This young girl will be your blessing and her lessons you will need to discern!
Look at how she loves herself, humbly accepting where she is flawed.
She knows her beauty lies within and she knows she was made by God.”
She has a free and loving spirit and sometimes she could use some tact.
She isn’t concerned with status in life, and that, quite simply, is fact.
In her eyes we are ALL equally made, differences don’t matter a bit.
Her house and car are simple and nice, for their budget were a respectable fit.
Her Mother likes all kinds of music…country and Gospel and blues.
If you ask Andrea the music she loves
, “Aerosmith” is who she will choose! 
Fashion that I like, she does not. (My style is just not for her).
But, she loves me a lot and knowledge of this, gives this old Mom’s heart a stir.
I am a much better person now from all the lessons she has brought.
I watched and listened as she has lived and sometimes we even fought.
One thing that makes me happy is how she respects her Mom and Dad.
She makes us feel important to her, and it makes our old spirits glad.
The bond is great between us, though we are as different as we can be. 
God chose her to be my daughter! She isn’t perfect, but she is perfect for me!!!!



Inside my head

I cried when I heard my Mother had passed.
Could it be that she really was dead?
I cried for my loss and was feeling bereft.
Until  I saw her inside of my head! 

She came to see me as I was sleeping.
She greeted me as I slept in my bed.
She was young and beautiful and full of mirth.
She most certainly was not dead!

When I woke up in the mornimg.
Thoughts of her visit remained in my head.
Memories of her in my sweet little dream.
Is how my mourning soul was fed.

Oh Mom! How much I miss you!
I think of the things you have said.
I wish we could sit and talk heart to heart.
Not in a dream, but in person instead.

Yet, you have given me hope of heaven.
You have fed me some heavenly bread.
You fed my desire to see you again,
As I slept in my earthly bed! 

Thanks, Mom…it was great to see you! 

Jjb/8/12/2017 (copyright 2017)

Writers Block

Its been a while since I have written.
Writers block knocked me flat.
Nary a thought formed in my head.
Words failed me and that was that!

My Muse must have gone on vacation.
Perhaps to an exotic locale?
I have been praying for her return to me.
I have missed my cerebral pal.

Oh my!  I can feel some movement.
Thoughts are whirling in my brain.
I hear her softly whispering to me.
“I’ve come home to you once again!”

I can hear a rhythmic rhyming.
Words are flowing into place. 
My muse is back and talking to me.
A smile just slides across my face.

Hallelujah!  Amen! The block is gone.
My brain is full to overflowing.
I begin to type the words that come.
My friend knows where this is going!  

“Who is this friend?” You ask me? 
Who is this friend within my head?
Why this is my muse who is part of me.
Feeding me language so my soul is fed! 


(copywrite LLC)

I made it!

Birthday cake

I made! I made it! I have lived another year!
My birthday has arrived again and I’m so glad it’s here!

 My wrinkles show that I have laughed, they show that I have cried.
My happy, smiling older face is proof I have not died!

 I made it! I made it! I have lived another year!
My eyes can see far away, but they cannot see what’s near! 

 I am now somewhat soft and round, but I no longer care.
For each new day granted me, I send up grateful prayers.

 I made it! i made it! I have lived another year!
I am not the girl I used to be, but my mind is sharp and clear!

Those who are blessed with extra years, a small price must be paid!
Our hair grows thin, our bodies thick, and our looks begin to fade.

 I made it! I made it! I have lived another year!
I have become the best of friends with that old lady in the mirror! 

The journey that I’m taking has been happy, sad and blessed!
I realize all my experiences have been a variety of tests.

 By Golly! I’ve made it! I’ve made it! I have lived another year! 
I’ll light the candles on my cake and sing loud for all to hear!





Pitchin’ pitchin’ pitchin’ stuff!
Material possessions I’ve had enough!
Don’t want my house so full of things.
“Less is more”, my heart sings!

What made me think I needed more?
Bringing things in through the door?
I bought these things in the city.
“Oh my gosh this is SO pretty!”

“Look at that darling little gnome!”
“I have to buy it and bring it home!”
“It will look cute by my front door.
“Maybe I should buy just one more?”

“Oh look!  I love those pretty dishes!”
“These will fill my many wishes!”
“I like that sofa and I LOVE that chair!”
“They would look nice anywhere!”

Candles, baskets, this and that!
“Don’t you love that wide brimmed hat?”
Now I ponder years of spending.
Some old and worn and in need of mending!

What in the world was I thinking?
My big new house began its shrinking.
I feel so nervous with this much stuff.
I’ve really had quite enough!

Out the door, out the door!
You are not welcome here no more.
“Oh my goodness! There is so much space!
We need to buy a smaller place! 


Just the facts, M’am, just the facts!


“Just the facts M’am, just the facts!   That’s really ALL I need.”
I don’t want your negative opinions!  Your slanderous words I will not read!

A long time ago, the news was real.  It was based upon the facts.
The news was reported once a day. it was delivered with decorum and tact.

” America the Beautiful” is now ugly with opinions, insults and hate.
We need to remember what “civilized” means before it beomes too late! 

If what you say has merit, you need not insult me while giving your view.Give me the facts in a friendly way so I might try to understand your view.

The way we see the world these days, is often different from each other.
Perhaps we can find our way to peace by behaving like sisters and brothers.

MANY people have fought and died for our right to disagree.
Many a parent has lost their child who fought for our right to be free.

Hate and blame and callng names will never find a common ground.
Tolerance and love and an open mind is where world peace is found. 

“Just the facts, M’am, just the facts! (Is really all we need!)”
The path through truth on the way to peace is the only advice to heed.








The snow is really beautiful! Big white flakes are falling fast.
I can hear the icy clicking sound as they strike the window glass.

I blow my breath on the ice that coats my window panes.
Suddenly a view opens up and I can see the snow filled lane.

Winter arrived late last night as the temps dropped low and fast.
But my bed is warm, for it was piled high with quilts from long time past.

The scent of bacon frying, roused me from my sleep.
I slip out from beneath my covers on my nest so warm and deep.

I wrap myself in a thick warm robe as that aroma beckons me.
I walk by a twinkling, merry sight, as I pass our  Christmas tree.

When I walk into the kitchen, I can feel the ovens heat.
Mama is humming a Christmas hymn so lovely, soft and sweet.

I am once again a little girl and my heart is filled with love.
I am happy Mama is with me instead of in heaven up above.

I listen to her beautiful voice as I watch her smiling face.
I feel safe and happy as a child in the arms of her embrace.

I want to sing along with her. I want to pray and to rejoice!
But then I hear someone calling me in a clear but distant voice.

I blink my eyes and look around and who is it that I see?
My dear sweet husband is standing there,  smiling down at me.

He caresses my face and says to me,  “You were singing in your sleep.
You were humming a tune from long ago, about “Safely Grazing Sheep”.

My eyes well up and then I smile at my husband of many years.
Mama is gone and I am old and I wipe away my tears.

It was just a dream, but it felt SO real, I could feel her loving essence.Perhaps she came to visit me as a lovely Christmas present! 



I saw my Grandma yesterday.
At her house upon the hill.
She was sitting on her front porch
Oh! It gave me such a thrill.

I was driving my car by her place
on my way to see a friend.
I knew if I stopped, it would make me late.
But, I didn’t want this chance to end.

I stopped and turned my car around
I parked along their street.
I ran up the steps of her front porch
with wings beneath my feet.

She looked up in complete surprise.
A smile spread across her face.
She said  “It’s so good to see you”
I fell deep into her embrace.

She hugged me tight! Oh, it felt SO good!
I hadn’t seen her in a long, long time.
You see, she died many years ago.
Which is why this felt sublime!.

When I woke up, I remained in bed.
I reflected on my Grandma’s dream.
I think she came to let me know
There’s more to life than what it seems.

Thank you Grandma for visiting me.
It was like no time had passed me by.
You looked exactly as I remember you,
in your apron which had no ties.

Over the head your apron went,
and it buttoned at the sides.
Your apron is such a pretty piece
under which your house dress hides.

It felt so good to be young again,
I felt so warmly received.
I miss you Grandma, I really do.
In Heaven I truly believe.

Your spirit IS alive and well.
You just live in another place.
Someday we will be together again,
with thanks for the gift of Grace!

jjb/September, 2016