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Writer or Author?

A Writer and an Author are quite different.

They are as different as they can be.

They are each writing for different reasons,

One writes for money and one writes for free.

The writer writes as the spirit inspires,

writing stories and poems for pleasure.

The author writes with a motive in mind.

Hoping to be paid a handsome treasure.

Good Mood!

My eyes open slowly, I am now awake.

I am happy to be here, make no mistake!

In a cloud of bedding I am tempted to stay.

But it is time to get up and begin my day.

The sun’s morning rays caress my face.

A soft breeze is stirring the white curtain lace.

I yawn and I stretch as I get out of bed.

I am happy to be alive and I need to be fed.

I slip on my robe and go wash my face.

I carefully brush my hair into place.

I walk into the kitchen and I can see right away,

The room is awash with the suns bright rays.

I pour some water into my old coffee pot.

I make my coffee strong, and I like it hot.

I enjoy the scent of fresh coffee grounds.

This morning is filled with chirpy bird sounds.

The coffee is brewing and  it smells mighty fine.

My eyes look around at this old house of mine.

The sofa’s still pretty but soft in the middle,

Playing softly on the radio is an old fashioned fiddle.

The old clock on the mantle bongs on the hour.

Sitting pretty in my window is a jar full of flowers.

My greatest pleasure in my long married life.

is being married to a  man who still loves his wife.

It was a long time ago when we met that one night.

Our attraction was swift and it was filled with a light.

Thinking back, it still seems like a beautiful dream.

It was love at first sight, or so it seemed.

The toast just popped up and the coffee’s now brewed.

My memories have put me in a very good mood.

I pour my coffee and butter my toast.

I sit down and glance at the daily news post.

I have an appointment to keep and I mustn’t be late.

I have a meeting planned with a an important date.

I have been invited to join a good looking man.

The one who long ago asked for my hand.

I smile to myself when he comes to my mind.

It’s true when they say, “Blest be the ties that bind!”

Copyright, April 2015 Juanita J. Bussmann

Happy thoughts!

Happy thoughts!

As I sit here in my easy chair,  I am as tired as I can be.

I worked all day, digging dirt.  I was planting young oak trees.

I’ve grown old so it would be best, if I were planting flowers.

Planting trees at my old age, needs God’s assisting powers.

To plant for shade when one is old is charity at its best.

This tree won’t grow fast enough to give me a shady rest.

I might enjoy the shade beneath if someone digs me down,

When I have died, I can rest, in the oak trees shady ground.


Copyright 4/15/2015 Juanita J. Bussmann


I’ll embrace my age, for it’s just a page,

a chapter in my life’s book.

I laughed real hearty at my birthday party.

I’m grateful for all the years it took.

I’ll shed no tears over adding years,

no matter how many years go by.

While others feel cold about getting old

I’ll be grateful that I haven’t died.



To live with a man who loves me,

is a lovely and  beautiful thing.

It makes my heart leap with  joy

and makes me want to sing.

Long ago when our love was new,

we felt a strong magnetic pull.

But now that we’re old, we always feel

a love that is deeply rich and full.

The peak of our beauty is now long gone,

we don’t walk quite so straight or tall.

Our hair has become thinner and gray,

but we honestly don’t care at all.

For we know we are NOT perfect

We are far from societies ideal!

When I look at  him and he looks at me,

the perfection we see is so REAL!!!!

We are “perfect” for each other,

we knew it from the start.

The minute he asked me for that first dance,

we lost to each other our hearts.

So now all these many years later,

as we walk with each other hand in hand.

We understand the treasure in this gift we found,

a perfect love between a woman and a man.

Copyright (1/7/2014) Juanita J. Bussmann

Jesus and Santa

The King of Kings

The King of Kings

Christmastime is over, and as I sit here by myself.

I say good bye to Santa, and say good bye to elf.

Santa comes to see us,  just ONE time every year.

While the birthday boy, sweet Jesus, is DAILY always near.

Santa lives at the North Pole, so distant, cold and far.

Jesus lives within us, born under Bethlehem’s brightest star.

Santa’s gifts were opened, wrapping thrown away.

Jesus gift stays with us each and every day.

Merry CHRISTmas is the reason, we feel this ongoing lift.

He was sent by God to save us, as a never ending gift.

Happy Holidays and Ho! Ho! Ho! belong to Santa Claus.

But it is in saying “Merry CHRISTmas” where we should offer our applause.

It is our way of saying “Thank you God”, and why we celebrate.

Merry CHRISTmas is how we praise Him on this yearly December date.

The name of Gods gift is Jesus, but is also known as “GRACE”.

Thank you God for gifting eternal life to the entire human race!


Christmas cardsI sat down to write my Christmas cards, so I opened my address book.

It was time to check my Christmas list, to give it a good long look.

I was checking the name’s to whom I had sent last years Christmas cards.

Each year the list changes a little bit, which can make it kind of hard.

I looked at the name of a single girl, who got married not so long ago.

So I moved her name from “S” to “D” and created a whole new row.

Then I saw the names of a sweet young couple, who were married just last year.

I remember their number is no longer two,  for a brand new baby is here!

Here is a loved one to whom I sent, a newsy note of cheer.

She died  last month, so I erased her name, then wiped away a tear.

Then I saw a good friends name whose career moves him all over the place.

I wondered, “is this address correct? How he can he live such a frenzied pace?”

Christmas is an annual event, where we celebrate our Saviors birth.

Our address book shows how much has changed, in the lives of so many on earth.

As we write our cards and send them out, each one written with love and care.

We should pray for  each name on our list, that next year they are each still there.

Each year we send our Christmas cards, noting that ancient Holy birth.

Our Savior who was sent to save us all, promising heaven in exchange for earth.

Holiday Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is over,

all the dishes have been done.

I fought that holiday dinner,

but the holiday dinner WON!!!

As I tiptoe over to my scale,

I feel trepidation in my heart.

As I watch the numbers climb ever higher,

I am REGRETTING that pumpkin tart!

I am thankful that my Christmas pants,

are the TWO WAY, STRETCHY kind.

I’ll soon be back at a holiday table,

where a salad will be hard to find..

I have consumed so many calories,

which is just a  SAD and SORRY FACT!

Tomorrow I will have to start my walk,

from Austin to Boston and BACK!!



Anita Jane!  Anita Jane!ANITA JANE 001

I’ll never forget that parting pain.

When I had to say goodbye to you,

it pierced my heart all the way through.

On the 14th of November, 2009,

God our Father said,  “It is now time!”

You then let out your very last breath.

Your life ended as you experienced death.

spirit liftingYour body died as your spirit lifted.

Eternal life was assured to be gifted.

deathbed angel 1You were surrounded by angels when you died.

They gave you comfort as they stood by your side.

Many months later I had  a lovely dream.

You were alive and well, (or so it seemed!)

 I could see a vision through a thin, fine veil,

It was YOU, dear Mother, ethereal and pale.

The many facets of love!

The many facets of love!

Love was beaming from your beautiful face.

You found perfect peace in a heavenly place.

How delighted I was to see you again.

You looked so much younger than you did back then.

laughterI heard you laughing like you once laughed on earth.

The heavens were filled with your melodious mirth.

We talked and chatted, (though it was just a dream).

We were sitting by a sparkling, sun drenched stream.

We had much to catch up on!  You had a lot to say…

“I want you to know why I’m in your dream today.”

“You long ago asked me to let you see,

some evidence that Anita continues to BE!”

“You wanted reassurance that I still exist.”

“I am here to answer questions on your list.”

release from pain“I want you to know I am at rest and in peace”.

“Death actually gave me a great release.”

“We believers are with God as our Spirits are healed”

“Our faith is rewarded and answers are revealed”

“You know all those questions you have in your heart?”

“They are answered in heaven at the very start!”

love is all there is“I love you, dear daughter, but I really must go”.

“I fulfilled my promise to let you know”.

“Someday we will ALL be reunited again.”

“You won’t know how and you won’t know when.”

“Put your faith in God. It is THE ONLY way.”

“Everything will become clear to you someday!”

“It is time for me now to go back to my sleep”.

“To rest, unencumbered, ’til my soul,  Christ will reap!

new heaven“With  a NEW Heaven and NEW Earth,

He will appear without warning.”

“And so I promise you now,

“I’ll see you in the morning”.


(Anita said, before she died, that she thought death would be one great long sleep.  She felt that when the sleep was over, it would be as if no time had passed at all.  It would be similar to getting up in the morning after a nights sleep, well rested and looking forward to a brand new day.)  Indeed!  When Christ comes back, it WILL be a Brand New Day!  I look forward to that morning when I will see my Mother again, along with many others I have loved.  I look forward to meeting Christ!  What a celebration we are all going to have!  Amen!

Taking a break!

Keeping it real!

Keeping it real!

When life is a puzzle,  I like to nuzzle,

deep down in my sweethearts arms.

Some people are mean which I think is obscene!

Yet, his love keeps me focused and warm!

Don’t need a permit to live like a hermit,

so we often just step on out of the fray.

Once we are healed and can face what is real.

We go back out there and  have a good day.      (jjb/10/11/2014 )



For those of you who do not know,   

who  cannot see, and feel real low.

To those who say, “I must confess, 

I have no gift, I was not blessed.”

This is not true, you must be blind.                        spirtual gifts 2

God gave MANY gifts to ALL mankind.

YOU were created by the Mighty One,

Who smiled and nodded when He was done.


Your spirit is motion & LOVES to fly.

So he created a body to get you by.

He placed your spirit deep inside,

right next to your heart side by side.

He created two eyes within your face,                      eyes to see

as a window to see out from your inner space.       

You can see the world and it can see in.

Your soul is on display so let your Spirit win.


Recognize your gifts, and use them well.

God knows you have great stories to tell.

You have songs to sing, and music to play.

You have much enthusiasm to give away.

You didn’t know a gift could simply be.

The sharing of love between you and me.

Don’t underestimate the blessings given to you.

It is good to “be”, but it is much better to “DO”.

plant and harvest

With Love, JJB





I am so happy, I am so blessed.
I did not know, I couldn’t have guessed.

As I grew old, I found some peace.
Life’s demands were less. I found release.

No longer young, not a thing to prove.
I feel such comfort in my groove.

The kids grew up, on their way.
They come to visit, love to stay.

They don’t stay long, they have much to do,
They always say “I love you,”

Their Mom and Dad still love each other.
I love their Dad, he loves their Mother,

I remember well their growing up years.
The house overflowed with their peers.

Those years went fast, like the speed of light.
I am now an “elder”, but it feels alright.

The dreaded alarm clock no longer rings.
Instead of television, our radio sings.

As we watch the world rush madly by.
I don’t feel nostalgic, I do not sigh.

Growing old is a gift, a real treasure.
A best kept secret, a lovely pleasure,

There is finally time for my creative side
To write my thoughts before I’ve died.

I have books to read, flowers to tend.
Many new adventures around the bend.

When I was in my youthful stage.
My spirit languished in a beautiful cage.

No time for this, no time for that.
So very busy, wearing too many hats.

God granted me this time of life.
I have a lot less stress, a lot less strife.

The hour glass sands continue to pour.
My life is flowing, going, and I wish for more.

What is old I wonder, how is it defined?
By the years on a calendar, by what is behind?

So many don’t reach this silver haired stage.
On their behalf I praise and honor old age.

Thank you, sweet Jesus for giving to me.
All these years on earth, so beautifully free.

I stand a little lower and I move a little slower,
But it is quite alright with me.
I can’t waste a minute of life or me in it,
I want to BE all I was created to be!

A son is a son til he takes a wife. A daughter is a daughter all your life.

A son is a son til he takes a wife. A daughter is a daughter all your life.

A Son is a son til he takes a wife.

A daughter is a daughter, all your life.

This is how it was meant to be.

It is a all a part of Gods plan.

You can find it in the Bible.

It is part of becoming a man.

But when a woman becomes a Mother

her love endures forever.

As a mother to all of her children

the ties can never be severed.

I knew this long ago when we, 

were trying to have a fam-i-ly.

We were only going to have just two, 

both were boys, so I just KNEW,

I needed a girl just for me, 

I begged and pleaded, let’s go for three!

The day she was born, I laughed and cried,

Here she was, my joy, my pride.

All through life, we grew to be

best friends!  OH YES! (She and me).

What is the best part of this relationship?

The GLUE that binds us has very strong grip!

What I enjoy the most about this beloved girl,

this jewel, this diamond, this precious pearl,

is the love she holds in her heart for me.

She loves me SO  unconditionally!

Now, unconditional love is a rare, rare find.

But there it is, in a daughters mind.

It also lives in a mothers heart,

unconditional love, right from the start.

Thank you Lord for taking care,

to listen to my heartfelt prayer,

so long ago, when I was young,

as prayers for her rolled off my tongue.

You knew how important one day she’d be,

this beautiful young women, so precious to me.

As I am aging, she loves me still.

She walks alongside as I crest life’s hill.

I  know she’ll love me after I die.

Her love will continue though we must say goodbye..

And I will love her always….Oh YES! YES! YES!

She’ll NEVER, EVER have to guess.

She’ll KNOW I’m with her every day.

I’ll be right beside her all the way.

Someday, when her life on earth is done.

She’ll first see Our Holy Father and His Son.

Then she’ll see me with a smile on my face.

As I welcome her to the most beautiful place.

In heaven, her life begins once again.

Our “eternal” friendship will never end.


BUSSMANN BOYS 001All women want a girl, it’s true,

But they also love the color blue.

A little boy, A little son,

born to play, born to run.

Our first son, such a handsome lad.

When he was born, we were really glad.

Dark thick hair all over his head,

Quietly sleeping on his bed.

Baby, baby do you know,

how much our love for you will grow?

Baby, toddler, little boy.

Playing with his childhood toys.

Not quite two, he gets a brother.

Two sons to raise for Father, Mother.

21 months between their birth.

Friends for life, upon this earth.

Christopher, Phillip,  brothers two,

brotherly love so brand new.

They’re all grown up, no longer small.

Both are handsome, both are tall.

They look so much like each other.

A combination of Father and Mother.

Years go by, their love’s intact.

Because brothers rule and that’s a fact!

God blessed us with these little boys,



Oh, and one more thing....

Oh, and one more thing….

Not feeling good.  Cough! Cough! Hack! Hack!

I am laying flat on my back.

Taking meds, sipping broth.

Continuing to cough, cough, cough.


Off to bed, may take a nap.

I need some water from the tap.

Summer colds are just the worst.

My lungs feel like they might burst.


As I am challenged with this tough test,

It makes me realize how much I’m blessed.

Usually, I’m in the best of health,

which means I’m blessed with the greatest wealth.


Thank you Lord for reminding me.

to get down on my bended knee.

I’ll pray for a return to an upright position.

Please heal me Lord, Our Great Physician!