She was the only girl her parents had,
They treasured her feminine essence.
She was lovely in both body and spirit.
She had a sweet, angelic presence.

They named her Anita Sophia Jane,
Her middle name matched her mothers.
Her complexion was beautiful, soft, and clear.
She had dark hair just like her brothers.

She grew up to be a lady,
She was feminine in all of her ways.
She always tried to live a good life.
It was her daily habit to pray.

When she grew up she became a bride,
She birthed four children, 2 years apart.
Her second son died soon after birth.
It nearly broke her heart.

The remaining children were her older son,
and her two sweet younger girls.
She loved all three of her children.
They were as precious as salt water pearls.

Anita has passed now, a few years ago.
She was a bit past eighty three.
I am sure she is reunited with her son
They keep each other company.

We think about her all the time,
We miss her contagious laughter.
But we know she is in a better place,
In the heavenly, eternal, hereafter!

Visiting Times In Heaven

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