A moment in time

It is New Years Eve morning and we just finished watching one of our favorite television  shows, titled,  “CBS Sunday Morning.” We love this show because of its positive content in a very negative world.  They host and report stories about both famous and unknown people who are bringing good things to life by way of their individual talents. This morning they did their usual end of the year goodbye tribute to famous people who have died in the past year. As we watched clips about these people, the thought came to me…where does all this talent go? I can’t help but reflect on how much these people have added to the pleasures of my life and undoubtedly many others lives,  just by sharing their God given talents. Now they  are gone. It always feels sad for me to say goodbye even though I did not know them personally.  People are born, they live and share their lives with others, and then they die. Here today, gone tomorrow…more or less.

Life really is mysterious, even to those of us who believe in the hereafter. There are so many sides to life, the good, the bad, and lots of in between. Some people are extremely gifted from a young age..they are the prodigies we hear about.  Some discover their talents later on and develop them throughout their life. Still others never seem to find the gift of their talents. God was very generous in His gifting of talent. Everything I do that seems to me to be a gift is also a gift He has given to many others.  No one person on this earth is without equal, even though we are unique in our presentation of this gift.

I have become pleasantly aware of many talents God has gifted to me as my life has moved along. I know better than to take credit for them, because they do not come from me.  Rather they manifest their presence through me. I like that it happens this way.  My moments of inspiration are a gift of Divine intervention which is the best kind of intervention to experience.  All we have to do to tap into this power is to ask for guidance, inspiration and the strength of will to orchestrate it.

I am so grateful for this life I have been given.  It has never been perfect, nor will it ever be.  All my life I have had to deal with the imperfections that exist in this life, and it is through these challenging times where I have grown as a person.  I have learned empathy through the suffering I have experienced. I am grateful for this gift of empathy and I am also grateful for thie gift of encouragement because it was born and grew through many trials I have been given.  

Right now though, in this moment in time, I feel I am being given a taste of what heaven will be like.  I am enjoying our home in this first unbusy, uncommitted day that hasn’t existed for us in a long, long time.  My husband used to say that the definition of the devil is “busy” because if the devil keeps you busy enough, you won’t have time to reflect on the Divine and all that comes from Him. This morning I am sitting in my favorite chair in my favorite room listening to a gospel station on the radio. I have lit some candles in our fireplace, and our little indoor bird water fountain is making a lovely swooshing sound by way of its running water. This is a warmly decorated very cozy room in which to sit and I always feel at peace here. I feel a tremendous gratitude within my being.

“Be Still”, He whispers, “and know that I am God”.  

Oh yes, God, I know who You are and in this moment I am reflecting on this life You gave to me.  Thank You for all of which You have blessed me…the good, the bad and the in between.  Tomorrow we ring in a New Year and my resolution is to honor You by living my life in a way that will make You smile and nod Your head.  I know I am weak, but You are strong and together we are whole… With YOU, I am whole! 

Welcome 2018….My New Years resolution is to let my little gospel light shine!


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