In line

Another friend has died. One by one our friends and family draw their last breath, and with each persons passing, the line moves forward. I am in the line.

It is difficult to imagine my own death, though I know it is inevitable. I feel sad. Death is a part of life, but I still choose life for as long as I am allowed. I like this life I have been given.

I know what is ahead at some unknown date in the future, but still want to savor this gift of life. Someday our questions will be answered. We will see and know what is in the life beyond this one, but for now I am content to stay here and live this one.

Goodbye Billy. Goodbye Chuck. I am sad to see you go, though it is probable that where you are now is a far superior life to this one. God Bless!


3 thoughts on “In line

  1. Andrea Griffith

    Mom! It’s gonna be ok! We are literally all technically ‘ actively’ dying on a daily basis. Tis is why I always am texting and calling y’all and my Nucs. It’s pouring rain, again here and Chris is working. Have to work the next 4. Then off 4. Xoxoo

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