Anita came for a visit today. 

She pulled me out of my chair.

She asked me, “why are you reading a book, 

when there are dust bunnies everywhere?”

I was so surprised, I exclaimed out loud,

I even began to stutter!

She asked as she pointed around the room 

“WHY is there SO much clutter?”

I quickly began to put things away, 

back to where they really belonged.

I found myself humming and singing a tune. 

It was one of Mom’s favorite songs. 

I swept and vacuumed and dusted all day. 

I cleaned mirrors til they were shiny and bright.

It was amazing how good I began to feel

when my house was set up just right.

I got so inspired by how things looked, 

I went out and bought some flowers.

I put them in a vase upon my table,

responding to Mom’s spiritual power.

When my work was done, I sat down for a bit. 

I looked around at all I had done.

I’m so glad my Mom came by to visit today! 

Cleaning had been a lot of fun.

When she lived on earth she was extremely neat,

She was a perfectionist in every way.

Her house was always cheerful and bright,

Because she cleaned nearly every day!

Thank you Mother for dropping by! 

I could feel your spirit everywhere.

I know you live in Heaven these days, 

But today we were an excellent pair!


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