My Daughters House

We are staying at our daughters house. Everything is clean and neat.

She lit some candles for ambience. The air is fragrant and sweet.

Our bedroom has been attended to. Everything is in its place.

As she sits and visits with Mom and Dad, a smile lights up her face.

Pictures are displayed of those she loves, there are many, many around.

Loved ones peer out from beautiful frames. Evidence of love abounds.

She’s so happy we came for a visit. We chat and laugh and share.

As we listen to her voice and watch her emote, we see how much she cares.

Her husband is a wonderful man, a great family addition.

When they said the words “I do” to each other, it was a very good decision!

It is GOOD to see our son in law and our lovely daughter dear.

We are very glad we took the drive to come up and visit them here.

Jjb/September 2018

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